automatic switchboards

Complete professional solution for emergencies with ABB quality components 


The automatic transfer switch you need

The RK Power Generator automatic transfer switch series provides a range of equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Utilizing high-quality components, such as ABB transfers and RK Power Generator controllers, they have been designed to provide our customers with a complete professional solution for their emergency power needs. 

Manufactured in Puerto Rico

The models of automatic transfer switches from RK Power Generator Corp. are manufactured in Puerto Rico and meet the highest quality standards. Our transfers are designed to complement any alternative power equipment.

Our automatic transfer switch capabilities include:

  • 100 AMPS Single-phase
  • 100 AMPS Three-phase
  • 200 AMPS Single-phase
  • 200 AMPS Three-phase
  • 400 AMPS
  • 600 AMPS
  • 800 AMPS
  • 1000 AMPS
  • 1200 AMPS
  • 2000 AMPS
  • 2500 AMPS
  • 3000 AMPS
  • 4000 AMPS

quality components

Our transfers use high-quality components such as ABB. We choose the best components in the market to provide our customers with the confidence and security they deserve in their equipment. We manufacture each transfer with the specifications that our customers require. As market leaders, we offer direct warranty on all our products. 


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